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Zatpat Sofa Cum Bed



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Brief Description

In this modern era give a stylish look to your living room with zatpat Sofa cum Bed. This zatpat Sofa cum Bed is sophisticated, less spacious and comfortable furniture. It serves both the purpose of seating and sleeping as it can be converted from Sofa to a Bed instantly.

L (Single) : Length 72" x Width 30" x Height 7"
XL (Double) : Length 72" x Width 60" x Height 7"

Note: We manufacture this item only on order.

This zatpat sofa cum bed will come with 32 density foam from KURL ON , covered with anti bacterial covering and outer cover will be of pure cotton fabric which are easy to remove and washable. This zatpat sofa cum bed can be used in 7 different positions. You can use it for reading books, while using a laptop, playing games & many more .

L (Single) : Length 72" x Width 30" x Height 7" 
XL (Double) : Length 72" x Width 60" x Height 7" 

Seat Height : 15" Aprox

Material:  32 High Density Foam from Kurl On , anti bacterial covering

Outer Cover: pure cotton fabric

  • Height Bed: 7", Sofa : 15"
  • Length 72"
  • Width Single: 30" Double: 60"

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